Prototype testing - invitation to the usability research

I'm happy to announce that we are ready to conduct a user research on a prototype of new Advanced REST Client.

List of changes is very long. Starting from general UI redesign to change in basic functionality.
The most important changes are:
  • new projects will support RAML (RESTful API Modeling Language) standard. Users will be able to import RAML file and use it as a "project". RAML contains API definition with the documentation that will be displayed alongside with the RAML request (new view in the app) and in project documentation page
  • history / saved / projects panels has been redesigned and now all of them are combined into one exploring / searching panel. History and saved data are accessible through URL panel (when the value is empty). Searching the history is possible by entering a non URL like query into the URL field
  • the app will have more authorisation settings and accessible from new Authorisation panel in the request form. Users may choose if they want to enter the authorisation data manually (headers editor) or setup header using new panel
  • environmental variables now can be defined by the user and added to the request along with old predefined variables (random and now functions). Variables will support basic arithmetical and string operations (Math and String functions).
  • Variables are enclosed in an environment, environments can be changed and managed from the request panel
  • New JSON/XML editor for the payload editor. The prototype contains JSON editor only but XML is based on the same principle.
  • Users are now able to define a header sets and use them later in a request
This is only a prototype but it is a direction where the app will be developed in coming weeks.
Because ARC is a community driven project we'd like to invite you to the prototype testing. You're feedback is really valuable and may help to made a final decision about app development and design. If you are interested in prototype testing please visit to see the prototype.
To give your feedback simply fill up this form: or give an open feedback on issue tracker here:

The testing will end very soon so there's no much time to conduct the test.

Also, we are looking for people who will take a part in the usability research for ARC. The remote user research will be conducted in the coming weeks and will be a recorded session of a participant performing given tasks in the app. It will be conducted on participant's computer at a convenient to her / him time because the research is not moderated.
If you'd like to take a part in remote user research, please fill in this form: and we will contact you shortly.

Pawel Psztyc & the ARC team