Beyond Chrome Apps - ARC as a native app

Hi developers,

For some time now I am working on completely new version of the ARC. Don't worry, it will be the same good and simple tool for testing API calls. However a lot will change in the background. It will allow me to move the app to new platforms other than Chrome ecosystem.

According to app's roadmap ARC will be re-modulated and each part of the app (as a web component) publicly available on GitHub. It helps both the app to transform into new set of tools available everywhere and openness so everyone can use this web components in their projects. This is my contribution to the development of the open web and I deeply believe that this will help in overall web development.

You may already heard that Google will discontinue Chrome Apps in some time. Advanced REST Client will be available on other platforms when it will happen. Additional tool will be released later this year alongside with other platforms releases to move your data from Chrome app to your new favourite version of the ARC.

Currently planned new versions are for:

  • Windows 7 and later (32- and 64-bit)
  • MacOS (min version 10.9, 64bit)
  • Linux (32- and 64-bit)
    • Ubuntu 12.04 and later
    • Fedora 21
    • Debian 8
This list will change in the future by adding more implementation. However this is a base for moving the app from Chrome ecosystem.

Frequently Asked Questions

When Advanced REST Client disappear from Chrome Web Store and Chrome?

According to Chromium blog posts Chrome Apps will disappear from CWS listing in second half 2017. In early 2018 Chrome apps won't load in Chrome.
This gives about 1,5 year to move ARC to other platforms.

What about my data saved in ARC?

There's no seamlessly way to transfer data from Chrome App to other app. Arc already have import / export function so probably it will be used to transfer data between apps. However it will require user action. ARC will provide additional tools to transfer data between Chrome App and other versions.

Will ARC work the same way on other platforms?

According to my current knowledge there's no reason to assume that there will be a compromises while moving on different platforms. But remember that the ARC won't be part of the Chrome platform anymore. Sessions authenticated in tabs will not work in ARC without additional extension installed. Also cookies information won't be available until additional extension is installed.

When new releases will be available?

In coming months. ARC internally is not a small project and it is required to rewrite most of the code to work as a separate web components. Once new releases will be ready you'll be notified in the app, on this blog and Google Groups for beta testers.

There maybe more questions from you and I'll be happy to answer them. Use comments section below to ask them and I'll answer it as soon as I can.

Thanks for using the app and happy RESTing