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Beyond Chrome Apps - ARC as a native app

Hi developers,

For some time now I am working on completely new version of the ARC. Don't worry, it will be the same good and simple tool for testing API calls. However a lot will change in the background. It will allow me to move the app to new platforms other than Chrome ecosystem.

According to app's roadmap ARC will be re-modulated and each part of the app (as a web component) publicly available on GitHub. It helps both the app to transform into new set of tools available everywhere and openness so everyone can use this web components in their projects. This is my contribution to the development of the open web and I deeply believe that this will help in overall web development.

Prototype testing - invitation to the usability research

I'm happy to announce that we are ready to conduct a user research on a prototype of new Advanced REST Client.

List of changes is very long. Starting from general UI redesign to change in basic functionality.
The most important changes are:
  • new projects will support RAML (RESTful API Modeling Language) standard. Users will be able to import RAML file and use it as a "project". RAML contains API definition with the documentation that will be displayed alongside with the RAML request (new view in the app) and in project documentation page

Help us improve the app! - ARC prototype remote user testing

We are looking for people to participate in a usability test. We want to conduct research before actually starting and introducing changes to the app.

To qualify simply fill in the short form below. If you are selected, you will be contacted by a member of our team.

Tests will be finished in up to two weeks so there's no time to think about it. If you have 15 minutes just join the research.

polymd - A module to create a Polymer component from the template

While working a lot with web components I needed a script that I can use to create a Polymer web component from a template and also creates all other stuff I use during development. So I wrote a Node module to automate some work for me.

ARC cookie exchange extension

Missing cookies?

Advanced REST Client is not able to read cookies set in Chrome browser. If you authenticated yourself in a Chrome tab cookies are not transferred automatically.

But not anymore!

Session management aka cookies in Advanced REST Client

In recent update there is a new session management mechanism. After last big update some of you complained about lack of cookies support. The networking in Chrome apps is separated from Chrome. Therefore it wasn't possible (and still isn't) to use cookies set in Chrome tab.

Advanced REST Client is not in a tab anymore

Well, it can't.
Recently I've published an update of the Advanced Rest Client. New version has been upgraded to Chrome app (from so called legacy app) because old ones are deprecated in Chrome and the support for them has been removed in Chrome Web Store.