Tuesday, 1 February 2022

Advanced REST Client version 17 release

Version 17 of Advanced REST Client has been released. You can install it from ARC's releases page.

This release was focused on consolidating so far distributed code-base. We have merged most of the existing libraries into 4 main repositories. This allows us to focus on building new features instead of compatibility between the libraries.

Besides the great consolidation, this version comes with several new features, bug fixes, and general improvements.

New features

  • Added proxy settings in the application configuration
  • Added an option to read the OS' hosts file and combine the content with the app defined hosts
  • Added the ability to export the saved requests as a HAR file
  • Added a context menu entry for input fields to insert a variable
  • Added variables support in the authorization editor
  • Updated the UI to change the redirect URI for a single HTTP request
  • Added support for OICD (OpenID Connect) authorization


  • Removed support for CodeMirror. ARC uses Monaco editor only.
  • New API Console - the next (not yet published) version of MuleSoft's API Console - the API documentation tool
  • Removed update channels (alpha, beta, latest) from the application updater
    • Added the app updater option to install a pre-release version
    • Dropping support for the "alpha" release
  • Added notifications when processing API project (with the spec)


  • Removed querying to the application backend for new messages
  • Removed custom Analytics service (Google Analytics is still there)

  • Fixed setting the port information in the Python code snippets
  • Fixed setting code snippets after changing authorization settings
  • Fixed #437 - changed the definition of binary data in the response view
We hope you will love this version. Please, give us your feedback on the project's GitHub page.

Friday, 10 December 2021

The future of ARC projects

In the discussion “Redesign data storage - removal of Saved requests”, I proposed ending of “saved” requests in the Advanced REST Client, moving all existing “saved” requests to a “default” project, and redesigning what a project is. I was unclear how to evolve this functionality back then, but today the path is clear. This post explains the way forward for ARC projects and the invitation for open discussion before finalizing the spec and turning it into a code.

Wednesday, 17 November 2021

Version 17 - beta release

 Dear ARC users,

Recently we released version 17 (beta) of the Advanced REST Client. In it few changes were requested for a very long time, so we are delighted that they will soon be available in the stable channel.

See the list of changes below.

Sunday, 31 January 2021

Version 16 Released as Alpha Release

 Fixes #304

This fixes #304 which is a long running effort to upgrade application logic and UI.

You can try the new application by cloning this repository and checking out the `redesing2020` branch. Then installed dependencies (`npm i`) and start the application (`npm start`).

After over a year of redesigning the application and upgrading its code base I am proud to announce that the application with version 16.0.0-alpha.6 has been released today. This is a significant milestone for the application from the development perspective because the entire code base has been redesigned and upgraded to use Type Script to ensure stability of the code base and a new centralized DOM Events module that manages internal communication. Because of that we will be able to accelerate the development of the application, reduce number of issues, and simplify the development workflows. Also the number of components used by the application has been significantly reduced to help with the developer work flow. 

From the user perspective this release comes with complete redesign of the UI: new navigation and workspace that support different types of editors (not only HTTP editor). In the future this redesign will allow us to introduce new functionality to the application, like support for Protocol Buffers, GraphQL queries, or structural API testing capabilities. This wasn't possible with the previous application and information architecture. 

We are also working on a new documentation for the application that includes video tutorials, and 

Below is the complete change log for the v16 release for the end-user.

  • Now the navigation has a navigation rail to move between different sections of the navigation. This makes space for other planned types of navigation
  • ARC now uses Monaco editor to edit the request body. This can be changes back to CodeMirror in application settings.
  • Redesigned the response view. Now the response view has panels that can be opened on demand. The old response view was split into several panels.
  • The request panel now allows to import cURL command
  • Application navigation now can be resized. It can be also hidden by clicking on the currently selected menu icon.
  • Response view can be now resized as the panels are being created as stacked on top of each other. 
  • Redesigned settings panel. Added new UI and tons of new options controlling application behavior.
  • Redesigned request workspace for the load time.
  • The authorization settings now can be configured but not enabled. Also, the application allows to configure multiple authorization settings in a single request. The authorization is applied to the request through a separate module so the transformation won't change the request object in the editor.
  • Added response size limits. First limit renders a warning about the size of the message. The user can choose to render the view anyway. The other limit forces unprocessed ("raw") view of the response. This way it reduces chances of application hanging.
  • Removed "table view" from the response view. This module turned out to be very challenging to create and maintain. The final effect was a slow UI and not so good experience when working with the data.
  • Redesigned request actions. It has new actions (set variable, set cookie, delete cookie). Actions are also conditional. The user can set up a condition when the action is to be executed.
  • Added a new tab in the request editor: meta. It renders request meta data (name, list of projects, etc) for a saved request.
  • Removed ability to export to multiple folders in Google Drive (this was deprecated in Drive API).
  • The "detailed" URL editor now only edit query parameters
  • The request body editor now support different specialized editors and each of them stores own value. This means that when the user switch from "raw" to "Multipart" editor the multipart editor will restore previously used form
  • Themes manager now opens in a new window instead being part of ARC
  • Added status message about currently transported request. The transport library informs the application when the message is being transmitted, when headers are received, when response payload is being read, and when the load complete.
  • Added ability to send the request by pressing ctrl+Enter anywhere in the request editor. Similarly, the Escape key cancels the request.
  • Tabs in the request workspace now have flexible width. When more tabs is opened they shrink to accommodate all tabs in the current view.
  • Fixed tons of spelling mistakes :)

You can try the next version of the application today by downloading the alpha version. But, please, note that alpha version is not targeted for production. It hasn't been tested in the field and may contain undetected issues. If you find an issue, please, report it on the project's GitHub page, or by using application's "help" menu.

Wednesday, 29 January 2020

Advanced REST Client version 15 is released with client certificates

Version 15 of Advanced REST Client has been released. You can install it from ARC releases page.

This release comes with a support for client certificates. Read more to learn how to use client certificates in Advanced REST Client.

Client certificates manager in Advanced REST Client

API Console version 6 is now released

ARC's sister project, API Console - the API documentation tool, is now published with version number 6. It brings tons of changes and improvements. You can use API Console to document your APIs using API definition. Read more to learn about changes and features of API Console.

Friday, 18 October 2019

Advanced Rest Client version 14 release

Version 14 of Advanced Rest Client has been released. You can install it from ARC releases page.

This release comes with complete rewrite of code base and few new features. Read more for a full list of changes.

ARC version 14 main view