Join Advanced REST client beta program

Hi developers,

In the coming weeks I’m planning to release a new version of the app. I would appreciate your input on the changes I’ve made and help in finding bugs before the final release. Take part in the app development and become a beta tester for the new ARC beta channel.

To join the beta program, add yourself to the beta testers group at!forum/advanced-rest-client-beta-channel.

After you join the group you’ll be able to install Advanced REST Client beta from

The app will install itself alongside the stable app so your data and regular usage of the app will not be affected by breaking changes and possibly flawed code. You can distinguish the versions by their different branding colours: the beta app blue is darker than the stable app’s. Beta will be released about two weeks before the stable release and you’ll receive a notification about the update.

Hope you’ll enjoy new beta program and contribute to the app development.

Happy RESTing!