Let's test the prototype!

As you may know lately I have worked on new version of the Advanced Rest Client application. It will change... well, pretty all!

Minor changes will cover:
  • storage - change from deprecated WebSQL to IndexedDb
  • projects to become "requests groups" - old projects are to much complex and unnecessary. In nev version you will have an option to group requests and easily switch between endpoints
  • responses history - it is a new feature, the app will store responses so you can check how your server's response change over time. It also implicate that the app will be useful offline as well.
  • better Google Drive integration - it will use different API to connect to +Google Drive. Thanks to a new Identity API in +Google Chrome you will authorize the app in more user friendly way
  • upgrade to Chrome App! - instead of opening the app in new tab it will open as native-like application. You may even add the application to the task bar or desktop
  • new way hows the requests are made - using new Google Chrome Sockets API the app is able to make a request without a limitations of XmlHttpRequest. You'll be able to set every type of HTTP header. Also I'm planning a raw socket testing implementation.
  • change the +GWT framework to +AngularJS - it is more flexible for HTML5 apps than GWT. And it takes much less time to add new functionality or change existing ones
  • completely new UI

Let's stops here for a moment.

I've prepared a mockup for new application. You can find it on +Axure RP cloud - click to open mockup. Please, check the mockup, see how it's working and give me a feedback. Note that you may switch between different view depending on your screen size.

In parallel I've already started programming. I really want to finish it before Chrome Dev Summit where I'm going to participate in MTV. But your feedback is really important to me. There still is a time to make some changes if needed. You can post your feedback either in mockup ("discuss" tab), as a comment to this post or send me an email (use my Google+ profile +Paweł Psztyć).

That's all for now. I'm waiting for your feedback and.. Happy RESTing! :)