How about new version?

Hi all,

What do you say for new version of Rest Client for Google Chrome? :)

This is a snapshot of dev version of the app:

It will be faster than current version and it will be totally redesigned. I've added some new features that should help you with your work.

The new version is witted in pure javascript this time. I left GWT behind because for HTML5 features it was a pain in an ass. Now I'm using Bootstrap framework. Mostly for pretty nice styles, out of the box.

I hope you'll enjoy new UI and new set of functionality. I think I've done a lot of good job regarding UX.

It's still under development and there is a lot of work to do. RC version should be available in the end of September. I'm hoping that final version will be ready in middle October.

Give me a feedback what you think about this proposition. I know that it is only one screenshot and only small part of the app but you can see a direction of changes.

I'm not planning to maintain server side of the application anymore.  It means that the only way to save and share your data is either save it to file (locally) or save and share it on Google Drive.
If you have any data on application's server you should restore it on your app and save it on Google Drive.

Happy RESTing!