New version available! Rect Client App v2.0!

New version of Rest Client is available!

I do some changes in UI and more. I'd like to introduce Advanced Rest Client Application. It is more than just extension. Clicking icon on extensions bar do no more than just open  the application. There is no way to migrate from extension to application. So i made a new one - as application. It have new GUI, it's faster, more reliable and it's will be supported in the future. And still it's free and will be free! :)

New version marked as version 2.0.0 is available at Please, if You use old Rest Client uninstall it and install new version. You'll see it under "Apps" tab on Your start screen.

Sorry for the inconvenience!


  1. Hey, how to report bugs regarding REST client?

  2. is a issue list for this project :)

  3. Issue link? I'm sure it's working.

  4. An error occurred:

    Item not found. This item may have been removed by its author.

  5. oh,
    Link to Chrome Web Store.
    It has been taken down by Chrome abuse team.
    For more info see


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