Moving Data From Advanced REST Client Chrome Application To The Native Application

If you are ready to install new Advanced REST Client native application probably you would like to move your data along with you.
Unfortunately there's no automatic way to move the data from Chrome application to new native application. This has o be done manually by exporting the date to file (or to Google Drive) and then import it in the new app.

Let's start with installing Advanced REST Client native application if you haven't done that already.


After new application is installed go to ARC Chrome application and export the data.

In the top right application menu select Import and export data.

The import / export panel is displayed. By default all data are selected. You can choose whether some part of the data should be excluded from the export. Click on Prepare data button to compute export object from the datastore entries. Depending on the amount of data and speed of your machine it may take a minute.

When the export object is ready choose export destination. The easiest one is to export to file. Save the file on your local disk.

Now open the new Advanced REST client native application. In the application menu select File > Import data.

Similar to previous application the import / export panel is now displayed. Select Open from file to read exported file.
Select the file
And import previously exported data.
This is the only way to avoid data loss when Chrome team will disable Chrome applications.

You can still use the old application but to transfer newly created data to the other application you will have to repeat this procedure.