Web Components @ scale - my topic at the DevFest 2016 conference in Warsaw, Poland

Hi developers.

I'm proud to be a speaker at the DevFest 2016 conference in Warsaw, Poland.
The conference is this Saturday in Praha Cinema. My topic will be about building web applications that scales using web components. I’m going to talk about development workflow with web components, using platform over frameworks and how Polymer 2.0 is shifting from being framework to being support library for web components removing all framework alike functions.

The Advanced REST Client application is now a Polymer - or rather web component - application. For last year I managed to rebuild the app from GWT framework to web components. I have also an experience in other apps build with Polymer. But the case of ARC showed me that wrong architectural approach - even with web components - may end up with building another monolith that just use another framework. But web components are made to be a real building blocks of modular application.

If you are in Poland at the time I strongly encourage you to be at the conference. Many great speakers are managed to be there and many great talks are being prepared. If you will, just say hi to me :)

See you at DevFest!