Data sharing options in new Advanced REST client

Hi developers.

With new version of the app you have more options for data sharing in the app.
First at all Google Drive integration has been rewritten from scratch. It works similar to previous implementation but require less permissions from you. Instead of asking you where to save the data the app will save it in the root folder of your Drive. From there you can place it wherever you want and share it with anyone.

There is one but. The app can only access files that has been created or previously opened by it. In other words, if someone shared a file with you, you need to open it from the Drive UI for the first time. Later you will be able to open the file directly from the APP UI.

To open shared with you file enter your dive folder ( and double click the file that you’d like to open with the app. Advanced REST client must be already installed on your computer and you should already authorize the app with Drive (requesting Drive list for example).

If the app is authorized you’ll be able to see it in file’s “open with” options:

The same effect you achieve with double click on file.
Then you’ll be redirected to new URL and the app will handle file open for you.

If the file was created by you or you’ve already opened the file using Drive UI then you can open the file using “Open from Drive” button in “Saved” screen:

Other method to share your data is file import and export. You can select some or all your requests from saved / history screens and export them to file.

Later you can import the file in the import/export screen available in main menu.

With new version of the app you have more control over data sharing. It should be easier for you to share your data with your team and work on the same project with others.

As always I’m waiting for your feedback in comments section and on issue tracker and happy RESTing!