New feature - CodeMirror support for HTTP headers and payload editor


Lately I made some changes to the Rest Client.
One of it is a CodeMirror integration for input panels. Now you can edit HTTP headers or payload using convenient editor.
Note: It is a experimental feature and not enabled by default. It still may cause some problems.
To enable this feature go to Settings page and select checkbox near "CodeMirror headers editor" and "CodeMirror payload editor".

The HTTP headers editor

It will highlight your input. Thanks to autocomplete feature it will display suggestions of common HTTP headers with common values. Hit CTRL + space to run autocomplete. It will also work while you typing.

The payload editor

This feature will load CodeMirror editor in the Payload raw input instead of the standard textarea. The editor reconfigures itself according to your Content-type selection, selecting the most appropriate editing engine for your content. 
Currently supported engines are: HTML + CSS + JavaScript (combined or splitted), XML, JSON, SQL.

If you have feature request use Google Code Issue Tracker and submit a request.

Happy RESTing!