Update not for all (for now)

Some of you asking me why the application is not available. It can't be installed from the Web Store or upgraded in browser.
As I mentioned in description of updates, new version requires Chrome version 23 (at least). All because it use Chrome API that is not available in older versions. Unfortunately current stable version is 21 and beta channel is 23. So only users with beta or dev channel may install or update application. 

It should change soon, when Chrome team release an update to stable version. Sorry for this inconvenience.


  1. Apparently there's still a bit of a problem even on Chrome V23:


    1. I do my best to fix all issues ASAP. Sorry for any errors but I checked update process in couple of chrome versions on different systems and it works perfectly. Now I'm working on update hang.

    2. I am trying to install Advanced REST Client on my MAC OSX Snow Lion with Chrome v 23. I keep getting manifest file invalid error. How do I get pass this?


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