Helper for web developers for creating custom HTTP requests.

This extension helps you check backend response for different REST request.
You can:

  • Set list of header to send to server (by raw input or form field)
  • Set request body via raw input, form or file input.
  • read all response headers
  • read response body (with colored syntax - by Code Mirror
  • check request time, response status code and response status text.
You can not:
  • for now, send more than 1 file element with different name (now it's supports multi-select but steel it is one form field either as single param or array)
  • code completion for request headers + hints
  • remember last request (save current form state and restore on load)
  • save (Ctrl+S) and open (Ctrl+O) different request forms from local storage
You can install extension from Chrome Web Store: 

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